Will your next car brake automatically?

Here’s why emergency automatic braking could become standard.

CNET November 3, 2015

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Smarter Driver: Will automatic emergency braking go mainstream?
Brian Cooley explores why automatic braking could be the next standard feature in cars.​ READ MORE »
Andrew Altman
Associate Editor / San Francisco


Don’t get burned by bad Black Friday ‘deals’

Black Friday becomes Black November as Amazon and Newegg already start holiday promotions, and invoke shopping panic. Meanwhile, Windows 10 updates get pushy, and a new Star Trek TV show is in the works.

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The top five new features in Android Marshmallow

Google’s newest mobile operating system is out now. Here are our favorite features.

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Google’s Internet balloons lift off in Indonesia next year (Tomorrow Daily 268)

Jeff discusses how MIT’s new living bio-skin works in athletic clothing, where Google plans to deploy its Project Loon balloons in 2016 and why 3D-printed hair could mean better toys someday.

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Unboxing the Fallout 4 Xbox One controller

GameSpot’s Rob Handlery and Erick Tay take a look at the wired Xbox One Fallout 4 Controller.

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New games coming in November and December

What should you play in November and December 2015? Jeff Bakalar runs down the most anticipated games on the Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms.

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A house just for testing tech

A house filled with tech The CNET Smart Home is our living lab for testing out connected home tech. Here’s everything we’ve installed thus far.


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Make 4K videos on the iPhone

Here’s a quick-start guide to making and sharing 4K video from the iPhone 6s and 6S Plus.

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