T-Mobile’s video free-for-all: What you need to know

Carrier’s Binge On program lets you stream videos to your phone without eating up your data.

CNET November 11, 2015

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T-Mobile’s video free-for-all: Everything you need to know about Binge On (FAQ)

The nation’s third-largest wireless carrier says you can stream videos to your phone without eating up your data allotment. CNET breaks down the details of the plans.

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Pling! Facebook’s Notify app hits your phone with sports, weather, deal alerts

The new app is part of the social-networking giant’s push to be front and center on your mobile device.

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Ellen Pao: We’ve made progress battling sexism in Silicon Valley

In an online essay, the former Reddit CEO says more women and minorities are speaking publicly about discrimination in tech.

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Hackers’ sale of Comcast log-ins reminds us to change our password habits

Hackers offered 200,000 customer passwords for sale online, forcing Comcast to send reset notices to many users. The lesson? We all need to get a lot smarter about Internet security.

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Microsoft opens Sydney store, its first flagship outside North America

Shiny Surfaces, bright lights, an Answer Desk for all your Windows problems — Microsoft is hoping its new flagship Australian store will become a consumer destination, not just a retail shopfront.

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Alibaba made $1 billion in 8 minutes

China is in the throes of the world’s single largest day of shopping, Single’s day. Shoppers are expected to spend a record amount of money, mainly through online platforms like Alibaba and JD.com.

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Apple Music launches on Android

Apple unleashes its first service on Android, the software that runs most of the world’s mobile gadgets that aren’t iPhones.

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Provision in minutes, not weeks

From TechRepublic:
Say goodbye to high costs and procurement in…


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Make your desk more ergonomic

Make your desk more ergonomic Sitting at a desk all week can really take a toll on your body. CNET shows you how to set up your work space properly.


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