Best home audio and tech products of 2015

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CNET December 23, 2015

Home Theater and Audio
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Best tech products of 2015
CNET reviewed hundreds of gadgets and appliances in 2015. Whether it’s home theater, TV, headphones or adorable pucks like the Chromecast Audio, here are the 83 we liked best. READ MORE »
Ty Pendlebury
Senior Associate Editor / New York

Today’s headlines /

Logitech Harmony Elite: High-end universal remote done right

The Elite is the best Harmony yet, with a responsive touchscreen, full backlighting and the ability to control up to 15 devices. But are those extras worth the high cost of admission?

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Chromecast Audio review: Best home audio product of 2015

The Google Chromecast Audio is one of the best budget audio streamers you can buy, allowing easy control of music via any audio system using your phone. But does it do enough to differentiate itself from the original video-focused Chromecast?

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Why Amazon built a warehouse inside a Midtown Manhattan office tower

The e-commerce giant is constantly looking for new ways to speed up its shipments. In Manhattan and several other US cities, it has opened urban warehouses to do just that.

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LG touts zoom, on-screen remote in upcoming Smart TVs

A new version of the WebOS software that powers the South Korean company’s Smart TVs will add some “magic” to its 2016 lineup.

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Chord Mojo: Maximum sound quality from a tiny digital converter/headphone amplifier

The designed- and made-in-England Mojo will get the best sound from your headphones.

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