Microsoft makes Mac waves in 2015

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December 25, 2015

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Favorite Mac apps of 2015


It was a fascinating, but not especially overwhelming, year for OS X software. A few popular apps, such as the vector-design tool Sketch, left the Mac App Store to go it alone. Apple offered a solid, no-frills update to OS X. Microsoft, surprisingly, might have made the biggest Mac waves, releasing Office 2016 and Windows 10, which all the virtual-machine makers rushed to support. Here are a few of my favorite Mac apps of 2015. Read more »


Clifford Colby

Senior Editor

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Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus guards against malware without putting a strain on your Mac.


Easy-to-use Acorn can handle much of what you do in high-end image-editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan version 10.11 pushes the OS forward with a collection of helpful improvements.

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New Releases


Karabiner – Customize and bind your keyboard.


Apple iTunes – Manage your music and movie libraries on your Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad.


iScrapbook – Design and print scrapbooks.


SMARTReporter – Warns of ATA drive failure before it happens.


Greeting Card Shop – Create greeting cards and invitations.


MacID – Companion app for an iOS app that lets you use Touch ID to unlock your Mac.


Dropbox – Synchronize your files automatically to your computers and the Web.


Find And Replace It – Find and replace utility that supports regexp syntax and Unicode encodings.


Virtual TimeClock Pro – Easy to use employee time clock software.


Mozilla Firefox – Surf the Web, block pop-ups, and keep spyware at bay with a lean and fast open-source browser.

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