Donald Trump’s expensive iPhone and VR porn

Thankfully not together.

CNET January 22, 2016

CNET Week in Tech, UK edition
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Can virtual reality tempt you to pay for porn again?
Porn is cheap, and it’s everywhere. That’s a problem the industry hopes it can solve with goggles that put you in the middle of the action. Also this week, presidential hopeful Donald Trump wants the iPhone to be much more expensive, and we look at how Amazon’s streaming box compares to UK rivals. READ MORE »
Nick Hide
Global copy chief / London

The week’s top stories /

If Donald Trump had his way, your iPhone would be insanely pricey

The presidential candidate’s vow to get Apple to “build their damn computers in this country” would lead to unrealistically high costs.

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Amazon Fire TV review: Awesome for Amazon addicts but too pushy for everyone else

This box can deliver 4K video and lets you search with your voice, but its focus on Amazon’s own TV shows makes it less desirable.

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Uber rejoices as ‘bonkers’ London rules get kicked to the curb

TfL has ditched a proposed rule that would force you to wait 5 minutes between ordering an Uber and starting your journey.

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Bang and Olufsen’s BeoPlay H7 review: One badass Bluetooth headphone

It’s expensive, but B&O’s first around-ear Bluetooth headphone is fetching — and sounds good, too.

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WhatsApp kills its subscription fee

The messaging app is waving goodbye to its subscription, and has promised not to replace it with ads.

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Build Intelligent Web and Mobile Apps

From TechRepublic:
App Service is a cloud platform to build powerful web and mobile apps that connect to data anywhere, in the cloud or on-premises. in your –…

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Video of the week /

DJI’s Phantom 3 Standard might be entry-level but it’s not basic

It’s a noticeable step down from the Pro and Advanced drones, but still offers plenty for novice pilots.

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Latest from Crave /

Tim Peake snaps selfie during historic spacewalk

The British astronaut goes for a stroll in space and takes time for a spectacular selfie featuring Earth reflected in his helmet visor.

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Cue Darth Vader scream! ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ delayed to late 2017

Fans eager for Finn and Rey’s next adventure will have to wait. Disney confirms that the next film won’t open until 15 December 2017.

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Stephen Hawking: We’re about to wipe ourselves out (but don’t worry)

In a UK lecture, the astrophysicist says the chances of a disaster on Earth are increasing. But we’ll leave it anyway.

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Weird star system scientists have been checking for aliens just got weirder

Last year, scientists spotted something strange going on around a distant star. Now it turns out it’s been happening for decades.

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Science reveals secret lives of mysterious decapitated gladiators

The skeletons of Roman-era fighters found in York have undergone genome analysis to determine their origin.

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