How the FDT-700 Can Improve Your Designs

Doublesided Grinder

How the FDT-700 Can Improve Your Designs

A double-sided grinder is essentially a solid coarse grinding unit with only two sides attached into it. Some of the advantages you will get from this kind of unit include a quieter grinding sound, a better smoother rolling action. You will also find that the noise level associated with these types of units is significantly reduced since both sets of blades won’t need to turn as frequently.

These units are most often used for making coins and other fine products. Another good reason to purchase a double-sided grinder is that it has the capability to be set up right out of the box. The instructions will include the proper set of blade configurations to get you started. Another advantage of using this type of grinder is that the workpiece can be set up in any orientation that will give you a consistent level of grind.

A two-sided grinder works in much the same fashion as the one-sided unit. The difference comes from the way the workplace is set up. With a two-sided unit the workpiece is placed on a flat surface with the grinding wheel positioned underneath it on a sliding face. With the two-sided type you will need to set up the workpiece on a flat and level surface and position the rotary face so that it is touching the work surface with both sets of teeth aligned towards the center of the workpiece. The advantage of using this configuration is that you can use almost any orientation of the blade for the grinding operation.

There are two main types of two-sided grinders-the fixed grinder and the rotary grinders. For the fixed model you have a stationary grind position while with the rotary type the face of the rotary tool can be rotated. Both types of grinders come in single and dual blade configurations with each having its own individual speed control. Some two-sided grinders are also equipped with variable speed controls for variable speed grind operations.

A two-sided grinder also provides the user with another opportunity for customizing the machine. The ability to cut out different shapes and sizes in workpieces is possible with the help of this high-precision milling machine. You can use your choice of workpiece and also the diamond wheel for cutting shapes into the workpieces. This added feature of having two options for customizing the machine allows you to create unique solutions to any design requirements.

The benefits of choosing a Double-sided Grinder over other options are two fold. First, the diamond wheel gives the operator added precision and accuracy when it comes to cutting larger workpieces. Second, a larger workpiece with a diamond-ground workpiece will enable the operator to create even and consistent sizes. The operator can also get additional options like being able to run the Graphic Control continuously or manually, set the workpieces height, program a speed that matches the printer’s output, select a variety of grinding methods and much more. These features along with the ability to quickly adjust speeds from low to high speeds and the high-precision performance make the FDT-700 the best milling machine for your home or small shop.

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