Zero Rebounding Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Zero Rebounding Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct Drive Rotary Table, also known as Triton, is another type of rotary table utilized for the constant operation that is many times more precise and agile than traditional rack and pinion rotational tables. This rotary table has the capacity to rotate without the need of a spindle as is normally the case with rack and pinion tables. The main drive unit in the Direct Drive Rotary Table mechanism consists of a pair of aluminum balls. These balls are placed at the center of the table’s spindle. When the appropriate signal is provided by a rotational keying system, the aluminum balls rotate vertically, thereby rotating the two aluminum balls in the Triton mechanism.

One of the most outstanding features of the Direct Drive Rotary Table mechanism is its ability to work even in extreme temperatures. Numerous reviews and reports have attested to its high level of accuracy and performance in temperature range of zero to + 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It requires no free cooling because it has an inherent protection that stops it from getting damaged due to extreme heat. Its extreme flexibility and its high speed performance make it the ideal choice for any industry requiring precise and speedy work.

A high precision rotary table with zero backlash is considered very advantageous in many industries. Especially, it proves highly useful in the aerospace and defense, chemical, power generation, hospitality, health care, and transportation industries. These industries require their products and finished processes to be precisely controlled and monitored. And zero backlash direct drive rotary table allows them to achieve this. In fact, some of these industries employ a large number of personnel who work on rotational tables day in and day out.

In addition, zero backlash direct drive table has other benefits. It enables the manufacturers to use lightweight and compact machines that save considerable space because of its compact size. The compactness also enables the manufacturers to utilize a lower number of individual parts and thereby improving productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Moreover, direct drive rotary tables enable manufacturers to provide users with consistent results, accurate data, and precise torque settings. This is particularly true in the industrial and transportation industries. These industries require their products to be exact, which can only be provided by using reliable and robust rotary tables. This is because they deal with heavy and powerful machinery and their components need to work under extreme conditions, which only reliable and precise equipment can provide.

These benefits and features of the zero backlash direct drive tables are particularly notable when compared to other similar rotary tables on the market. Indeed, they have proven to be superior because of their consistent torque figures. Furthermore, they provide for higher productivity levels, greater accuracy, and higher productivity rates, even under the toughest working conditions. Hence, they not only make the tasks of manufacturing easier, but they also improve the quality of the end-product.

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