The Advantages Of A Direct Drive Rotary Table

A rotary double-axle table is one of the most widely used power tools in the industry. The rotary double-axle table is the solution for many manual tasks that can be performed more easily and economically than with traditional machines. These machines are often used for a variety of application areas such as milling, drilling, turning and finishing. The advantages of using a rotary table include high speed and precision, high strength and stiffness, high reliability, and maximum throughput. Rotary tables are typically used in woodworking shops where high speed operations are required. They can also be used in applications requiring high precision and speed and accuracy such as the production level inspection, bench work, machine tooling applications, and automated handling processes.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

A rotary double-axle table is based on the concept of high linearity, high speed capability and high stiffness with low torque requirement for operation. A rotary table is a specialized form of mechanical device having a spindle assembly rotating on two parallel axes and driven by a constant current. High torque electric motors are used to provide the rotational force for the equipment. A strong, durable and high speed electric motor is used as the core of the Direct Drive Rotary Table which is electronically controlled to attain the best possible performance, thereby enabling the tilting, linearity, and high speed capabilities.

The innovative design and development of the DED rotary table was made possible by the use of zero-backlash transmission. This is an important feature as no other conventional design offers this feature. With zero backlash, the electrical impulses have no sudden reversal when they hit the center of rotation of the table. This ensures high throughput and smooth operation.

Another advantage of zero-backlash design is that it enables the transmission of impulses at the fastest achievable speed, thereby allowing the DED to rotate very fast (max. 160 rpm) despite high-speed operation. The use of high-speed electric motors and pinion drives enhances the power generation capability of the DED.

High torque capabilities: Due to the innovative design of zero backlash DED rotary tables, the driving mechanism can be optimized to generate torque of up to five percent of that of standard rotary tables. In case of heavy usage, such as with trucking applications, such drives offer the most appropriate results. The optimal torque capacity can be attained even without using gears or ball bearings.

High speed: For heavy use, the maximum rotation speeds achievable with the use of high-speed electric motors and pinion drives are possible. Further, the optimal benefits are realized when the worm gear sets are replaced with helical gear boxes. This allows for more efficient cooling at low speeds, which in turn improves the lifetime of both the drive unit and the gearbox. The advantage of a zero backlash direct drive table is not directly observed in its use in applications where the power requirements are low (and gear boxes are used instead of worm gears). It is, however, widely used in mobile welding applications due to its advantages in terms of torque and speed.

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