What Are Direct Drive Rotary Table Systems?

A direct drive rotary table, sometimes called a zero-turn rotary table, is just a rotary device without any bearings, wheels or other gears to move the machine around. The movement of a direct drive rotary table can be either horizontal or vertical. This type of table is usually the cheapest rotary machines on the market. The speed of the table can be controlled by means of a variable speed control and the height of the table can be varied as well. Direct Drive Rotary Tables is usually very accurate and simple to use.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

For many industrial applications, the best rotary tools are the ones that provide optimal workmanship and are highly efficient and durable. To this end, there are only a few rotary tools that have shown superior value and performance over time. Among these are the zero backlash direct drive rotary table and the rotary tool cooler.

The zero backlash direct drive rotary tables feature an effective design that eliminates annoying chatter when cranking or switching direction of rotation. These types of rotary tables use two speeds which are usually marked on the controls for easy setting adjustments. With smooth continuous operation, zero backlash rotary tables allow users to do precision work. It is because of this fact that these types of tables have become so popular in the world of construction and manufacturing. Zero Friction direct drive tables offer users the ability to produce intricate and detailed work. They also have great endurance and reliability that make them appropriate for continuous usage for many years.

Another important attribute of these rotary tables is their ability to operate at extremely high speeds. Because of their high-speed performance, direct drive rotary tables are normally used by helicopter pilots, race car drivers, mechanics and other professionals who perform work on a continuous basis. The high-torque feature allows these tables to deliver incredible torque that enables it to rotate at high speeds. This feature makes it possible for workers to perform long hours of work with little rest.

Aside from their high-torque feature direct drive tables are also made with aluminum alloy frames for optimal durability and performance. They also come with rubber on the playing surfaces. The frames are equipped with nylon mesh for extra comfort. The tables are also equipped with rubber pads that absorb shock for extra safety for users.

The operation of these types of rotary tables involves two shafts. One shaft rotates in clockwise motion while the other rotates anticlockwise. Each of the two is powered by a separate motor. The motor attached to the top of the table is typically larger than those used for household electric motors. The two motors are mounted on opposite sides of the table so as to provide double the torque.

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