The Benefits of a Rotary Transfer Table

Direct Drive Rotary Table

The Benefits of a Rotary Transfer Table

Direct Drive Rotary Table is a newly designed, state-of-the-art tilting and scrolling raking machine that work on a positive reciprocating motion. This special design features two independent and variable transmission mechanisms for operation of both the horizontal and vertical positions for a full range of turning commands. The table is simple to use and reliable and its exceptional torque performance and high acceleration and deceleration speeds make it one of the most efficient and economical power transmission devices available in the industry today. Direct Drive Rotary Table is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. This product is highly adaptable to many operating conditions and has an ability to tolerate small vibrations and changes.

Unlike conventional screw and bolt-based powered tables, a direct drive rotary table utilizes a two-speed transmission. It offers high torque/speed capability with high-speed acceleration and high speed deceleration capabilities. The tables offer highly high rotation speeds along with high acceleration/deceleration capabilities. The only limitation is the driving force of the electric motor!

Rotary tables are used to transfer measurements and other information directly from one component to another without the help of any measuring equipment. Rotary tables are used in precision applications for testing, diagnostics, diagnosis, production control, and much more. They are usually used for heavy equipment, electronics, automotive/power generation, precision assembly, and more. They are very accurate and provide high reliability and high speed performance.

The innovative, zero backlash transmissions of direct drive rotary tables allow for the easy transfer of a continuous rotation sequence or data between measuring apparatus and attached software. This transfer is made without the interference of feedback, which can cause undesirable shifts in the measurement. The zero-backlash design of the transmission allows for precise synchronization of the measuring apparatus and attached program. There is no need for a transfer lubricant, which reduces wear and increases life span. These zero-backlash designs make them ideal for precision applications.

A rotary direct drive rotary table uses dual twelve and six speeds that allow for high speed operation. This allows for quick data acquisition and precise timing. The low torque that is required for high speed operation results in very smooth, continuous operation. The table uses two speeds on each axis, which allows for high efficiency and low transfer cost. The high speed transmission also allows for very fast torque multiplication from one position to the next. This results in quick changes in data rates and applications.

The high speed and high torque of direct drive tables allow them to be used in applications where high accuracy is required. They are commonly used in precision fabrication shops and other precision manufacturing environments. In addition to their use in high speed and precision environments, they are ideal for applications requiring fast rotation speeds. This includes applications requiring pre-clamping and other forms of automatic control. In addition, they have a number of benefits including the production of very low noise and high precision. They are also beneficial to the environment, as there is no need for a transfer lubricant, which reduces maintenance and total cost of ownership.

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