Features of the Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Features of the Direct Drive Rotary Table

A Direct Drive Rotary Table is used in many industries, from the mechanical engineering industry to the medical field to manufacturing. Direct Drive Rotary Table components include: shafts, spindles, roller bearings, counterbalance springs, gear boxes and bearings. These components are designed to operate under zero gravity. This provides the advantage of no physical pressure on the component due to its position in gravity. Furthermore, the entire assembly is supported by gravity in many cases.

Rotary tables are an excellent design for applications where mechanical pressure is minimal. In the mechanical engineering industry, Direct Drive Rotary Table products and systems have become extremely popular for designing and fabricating components in high volume production environments. In many applications, Direct Drive Rotary Tables provides a cost effective solution in comparison to a traditional rotary table with zero backlash. Traditional zero backlash table designs require the user to apply force into the spindle to cause the table to rotate. Rotary tables with direct drive capabilities eliminate all contact force and eliminate the need for mechanical drive force.

With Direct Drive Rotary Table systems, you will find that they offer absolute reliability with full cycle life spans and unparalleled performance. This rotary control device is able to withstand continuous use under the most extreme operating conditions and come fully preloaded with over a hundred different programmable functions. This wide array of programmable function makes it easy to add new functions as your needs dictate it. In addition to high-performance operation, you will also find exceptional ease of maintenance with a low-profile, enclosed table that has a one-year warranty. Additionally, the fully enclosed frame ensures that no outside contaminates come into contact with the system.

The high-speed drive allows users to perform a host of unique tasks with relative ease. The Direct Drive Rotary Table offers users full-rate torque and high-speed rotation abilities. The exclusive uddr-t 200-100 servo motor allows the user to manually control the high-speed rotation capability of the system. The high-speed rotation capabilities ensure that there is constant torque with full-rate, on-off motion, which is a critical factor in the precision and accuracy of high speed cutting.

The next feature you will find is the weight of this machine. The table can be effortlessly taken from an incredibly light (barely noticeable) package to a very heavy (over two and a half ton) package. The weight of the Direct Drive Rotary Table is based on a number of different factors, including the type of material it is made out of. A very light steel is used for the construction of most models, while a much heavier material, such as cast iron, is used for the ones that are much heavier.

The last great feature you will find is its precision of high-speed cutting. It is very accurate with respect to the size of various tools. It is also capable of extremely quick and clean cutting, even with large and heavy cutting tools. Many professional companies use this type of table for their high-quality products, which includes everything from bench clamps to power drills.

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