CNC Rotary Tables

Direct drive rotary table is a type of rotary table ideally used for the constant operation that is multiple times more accurate and agile than conventional rack and pinion rotary desks. It includes all the advantages of a rack and pinion unit without the need for installation, molds, casting, etc. The mechanism uses a cam lever arrangement that allows a rotating shaft to run on a pinion that rotates on a pinion cage. This results in simultaneous operation of both the shaft and the cage, hence accuracy and agility are ensured.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

In a typical system, a counter-rotating shaft and a fixed frame are coupled with each other. The working of such a device is quite complex and may be very taxing on the mechanical system. Hence it is imperative to have a high speed cam lever arrangement that can perform at the desired level of precision. A free cooling system between the frame and the rotary shaft ensures smooth functioning.

CNC Rotary Table or Direct Drive Rotary Table is the latest addition to machining operations and thus it plays a vital role in modern day manufacturing. Modern computer controlled machining operations are now possible. Due to this advancement, these machines are capable of performing different tasks other than boring holes and cutting metals. These devices are capable of drilling, tapping and boring as well as rotating and cutting various types of objects.

A CNC Rotary Table has many advantages over traditional machine tools. For instance, it requires less manual labor as the machine does it all automatically. It also consumes lesser power thus enabling one to save on the running costs and hence it is cost effective. One can also use it at any height making it possible to work in any position.

One of the most popular and widely used CNC Rotary Tables is the Direct Drive Rotary Table. It uses an axial flow system that rotates at a variable angular velocity in order to provide the cutting motion. CNC rotary tables with face gears are usually preferred over the free-spinning variety for several reasons. Face gear driven tables are more durable and tend to perform at a better performance level even after many years of use. They also offer more accuracy which can be maintained through proper lubrication and dust sealing.

The selection of the right CNC Rotary Table depends upon the type of material to be processed. The material needs to be precisely cut and in a right shape to achieve the desired result and specifications. After cutting the material, proper material preparation should also be done before machining starts. If done properly, direct drive rotary tables will serve your needs perfectly for many years.

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