Benefits of CNC Rotary Tables

A CNC Rotary Table is a machine that rotates and manipulates materials at high speeds and in large quantities. It is actually the direct descendants of punch card computer numerical control; think tiny punch cards and Magnetic Paper Clip. Now there are lots of companies out there that provide these kinds of machines. For most small to medium scale manufacturing it is the best option because of its inherent ability to work faster and more consistently than other designs. This kind of machine is also highly efficient and has a lower overhead than most other types of machinery, making it cost effective for any business that wants to reduce their overheads.

CNC Rotary Table

A CNC Rotary Table typically consists of four separate components. The body of the machine is the body of the machine and has four axes of movement: X, Y, and Z. The X and Y axes can be moved in any direction with just the touch of one button. The Z axis only moves in one direction at a time. The machine is powered by either AC or DC power sources and is usually mounted on a stand for ease of transport and storage.

One major advantage of the CNC rotary tables is that they can provide machining efficiencies that even the most advanced machines cannot surpass. This is because using CNC technology, the operator is able to set a depth of cut simply by adjusting the angle of the X and Y axis of the machine. In addition, with CNC rotary tables, it is possible to perform operations such as drilling, routing, punching and even turning with greater ease and accuracy than is possible with many other machines. This also makes them extremely useful for smaller machining centers.

A CNC rotary table incorporates several different technologies which make them especially suited to providing high precision, high speed performance. The first and most common of these technologies is the ball and sleeve technology. With this technology, the operator utilizes precise measurements that are stored in the computer program to be used when the machine is in operation. Through this process, any misalignment or error can be precisely controlled to maintain high precision and consistency.

The second technology used in a CNC rotary table is the use of programmable logic control (PCLC). This is accomplished through the use of circuitry that enables the operator to program the machine with various commands that are executed every time the machine is in use. One of the primary benefits of this type of software is that it allows the operator to replace a specific function with another by simply programming the CNC system. For instance, a command such as “increment count” can be programmed to execute each time the machine starts up and each time it moves to the next level.

Rotary and table technologies provide a wide variety of benefits to many types of machining operations. They can save companies a tremendous amount of money on materials and operation costs as well as improve efficiency. A CNC rotary table may be used for CNC machine tools as well as for many other types of machining operations. Many of the benefits of the rotary table are found when industries utilize them for their CNC machining operations. For more information about this type of machinery, contact your local office equipment supplier today.

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