High Torque Direct Drive Rotary Tables

A Direct Drive Rotary Table is one of the more unique forms of stationary spinners available on the market. They use no mechanical gearing and have no bearing arrangements to support the spindle assembly. These units rely on the inherent torque of a motor to allow it to spin freely. Direct drive rotary tables have no worm gearbox like the conventional rotary tables do, which allows the speed to be adjusted completely by the user. These units have many other advantages as well such as their quiet operation, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

A Direct Drive Rotary Table has the ability to operate at high speeds and yet remain balanced and operate completely free of any backlash. Traditional rotary tables have high speeds and high backlash that cause quite a bit of noise. The operation of a Direct Drive Rotary Table is quiet without the ability to lose speed or responsiveness. In addition, the high speed allows the operator to make quick adjustments without having to return to the original position.

The design of direct drive rotary tables includes ball bearings in each of the faces. These bearings are located between each of the spindles. The balls are able to spin freely when they are pushed into a notch on the spindle. The speed can then be adjusted through a range from six to twelve hues. Most of these units allow you to make finer adjustments than are available on most other rotary tables.

Many times high quality Direct Drive Rotary Table units will include a convenient carrying case, which is an absolute necessary feature for transporting your table. Some of the cases are watertight and some are not. If you want your table to last for years, it is recommended that you choose a case that features a built in watertight seal. Other features that are available with some Direct Drive Rotary Tables are a multilayer aluminum plate for the arm, along with the option of selecting from a variety of blade options. Some models offer a three wheel stand with separate axes for each tooth.

The four wheel stand feature on a direct drive rotary table allows you to adjust the tilt of the tabletop while you are working on the rotary table. The ability to tilt the tabletop allows you to reach areas that would otherwise be difficult to access while using a conventional tilting rotary table. You can also tilt the tabletop up and down while you are working on a particular tooth. This will allow you to clean the inside of the tooth quickly and easily without having to move the entire table. These types of units that have the four wheel stand allow the operator to angle the tabletop in almost any direction. It is even possible to angle the table at an angle that is ninety degrees or more, making it possible to reach into hard to reach places.

Many Direct Drive Rotary Tables uses direct drive linear actuators that work in conjunction with the pulley system to provide smooth and powerful turning. The high torque that is required by this type of equipment can only be obtained by using a design that provides enough counter-rotation so that the teeth do not bind in the center of a tooth. To ensure that the teeth remain in their proper position, the teeth must be able to rotate freely within their socket. The use of a counter-rotating element such as a helical screw is necessary to make this possible. Some manufacturers offer direct drive rotary tables that use other mechanisms for counter-rotation, but most manufacturers stick with direct drive because it offers the most efficient results.

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