Why Choose Direct Drive Rotary Table?

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Why Choose Direct Drive Rotary Table?

Rotary Table is one of the most commonly used mechanical drafting instruments that are used in various industries for rotating, slicing, angling, cutting, angling, etc. Rotary Table has many advantages over the other mechanical drafting tables such as permanent angle, non-possessive drive, direct drive, etc. Rotary Table plays a key role in all Mechanical Design, Engineering Designs and projects. It is widely used in Automotive, Food and Beverage, fabricated metals, Civil and Structural, Industrial, Medical, Manufacturing, Refrigeration, Cooking, Power Generation, Shoe and Leather, Science and engineering, Woodworking, and much more.

Rotary Table is mainly used for continuous operation that is many times more precise and stiffer than traditional face gear rotary table or rack and pinion rotary table. A powerful high-speed, rigid high-torque motor is used as the core of the Rotary Table to create it highly efficient, versatile and powerful that is being precisely monitored by a high resolution encoder to attain the full potential flexibility with high torque for the application. The rotary table is equipped with both locking and non-locking slew system that provide a high level of accuracy and control. Rotary Table can also use dual-axis technology that allows it to operate at high speeds of up to 400 rpm.

Rotary table with Direct Drive is gaining wider acceptance among various industry sectors due to its unparalleled efficiency and superior performance. Rotary tables with Direct Drive are available with both Paneze and screw beam head on the shaft that is enclosed by high quality steel shafts that are made of rare titanium and aluminum. These shafts are generally precision-crafted to provide users with maximum strength and longevity. In addition, these shafts are enclosed by precision-cast Paneze bearings that offer smooth functioning.

High torque and high speed are other main benefits that you can get by installing Rotary Tables with Direct Drive. The above-mentioned features make the rotary table with drive system extremely useful in applications where high precision and smooth and easy operation are needed. It offers fast response time and high speed for the best solution when precision and accuracy are important. These rotary tables are generally available with two shafts that include a low turnout gear and a high torque gear.

The low turnout gear provides smooth and precise torque transfer to the shaft and eliminates high speed fluctuations that can be dangerous at work places. However, the high speed of the high torque head against the shaft creates a situation wherein the high speed can cause damage to the machine. So, both gears are necessary to avoid this problem. On the other hand, high torque and high speed can also increase the risk of damaging the machine and create a need for a direct drive rotary table.

In order to eliminate the chances of damaging the machinery and to extend the useful life of it, these machines have a built-in safety mechanism called the active component management or ACM. This allows the machine to spin at high speeds even if some parts might get overworked. ACM is incorporated into the gear housing, which then allows it to spin at high speeds even without power being supplied from the electrical source. These high-temperature, high-speed, direct drive rotary tables are considered the most appropriate solutions for many industrial applications.

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