What Are CNC Rotary Tables?

The CNC Rotary Table has revolutionized how industries operate and have increased productivity. In both horizontal axes, the rotating table is fully equipped with the brand new PGD equipment unit (pre loaded with backlash-free operation); the vertical axis has high speed up to 160 mph; in both the axes, smooth operation is ensured by smooth and precise current control. Both the horizontal and vertical axis of the table are fully equipped with a variety of functions such as feed balancing for the large machining parts; the system also incorporates a machine oil cooler for lubricating the bearings that make the CNC Rotary Table work. The CNC Rotary Table has a very user-friendly interface that makes the operation fast and smooth. It can be programmed for varied types of operation such as drilling, milling, slicing, beveling and routing.

CNC Rotary Table

The CNC Rotary Table has the ability to slice, bevel, drill and routing cuts any type of work piece including tubes, profiles, pins, joints, etc. at speeds up to 160 mph. Along with these capabilities, the CNC Rotary Table has an innovative “switching gear” that enables the operator to switch between various functions on the fly. There is no need to manually switch the gear in between functions. This ensures that the operator remains relaxed and focused on the work at hand, and the result is quicker and better coordinated production.

The CNC Rotary Table can be used to create any style of machine shop or production facility. For instance, if a manufacturer wishes to build a tooling production line, then a palletizing system is needed to load the workpieces into a large work-piece, place it in an automated packaging system, and bring the finished product to the customer. In other words, a palletizer controlled CNC rotary table can be programmed to load workpieces into a standard machine-tool or die slot, to load a die slot and position the workpiece into a standard pallet, to create any type of machined product, and to position the workpiece into a convenient packaging system. Further, a CNC rotary table can be programmed to run at different speeds for various machined products depending upon the needs of the customer.

Another use of this type of table top machine is to load unloading equipment. There are a wide range of applications for unloading equipment such as a variety of conveyor systems. Further, a CNC Rotary Table can be programmed to load standard conveyors and unloading equipment at different operating speeds. In this way, the operator can optimize floor space within a manufacturing plant by running multiple lines of conveyors. If one line is overloaded, the operator can simply divert that line to another unit. In this way, all types of unloading operations can be performed more efficiently.

Some other uses for CNC Rotary Table includes the loading of parts into machines such as Sanders. In this case, an operator places a hand-held device that is capable of loading a part into a machine that is in a sanding cycle. The CNC is programmed to load the part at a predetermined speed that is appropriate to the type of tool being used. It can also be programmed to load into a faster rotating machine, which allows the operator to run many sanding cycles with fewer machine cycles. The operator can program the CNC to rotate in two directions as well. This allows the operator to run three or more axes simultaneously.

A CNC Rotary Table is ideal for applications where there is the need to have the operator to manipulate more than one workpiece at a time. For instance, many people use CNC equipment when they machine handmade prototypes for their clients. At the same time, some CNC are equipped with software that allows the operator to program more than one workpiece at a time. These types of applications would be ideal for a vertical machining center, but it may not be possible to set up such a center if the business has a smaller space available. A CNC rotary table may be a more viable solution due to its versatility.

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