Direct Drive Rotary Table – Versatile and Robust

Direct Drive Rotary Table is an extremely useful type of rotary table widely used in the manufacturing industries for the smooth continuous operation that is multiple times more accurate and agile than traditional rack and pinion rotaries. A high strength electric motor (the heart of the Direct Drive Rotary Table) used as its core to make it robust, flexible and powerful; this is precisely being monitored via a high-speed, high resolution encoder to attain the maximum accuracy with maximum performance. In fact, the rotary drive system is fully self-driven with the use of a potentiometer which senses any motion and triggers the motor accordingly. The system’s ability to sense movements allows for accurate adjustments and fast adjustment speed changes as well as total control during operation. It is also capable of performing delicate maneuvers in curved surfaces as well as intricate curves.

With direct drive rotary tables, it is important that they are prepared prior to use. This will help ensure optimum performance and precision. The following tips will help you prepare your rotary tables before using them:

Prepare the Rotary Table – Before using the rotary table, it is important that it is completely disassembled and cleaned and any and all components are disassembled for proper cleaning. Any components requiring high speed lubrication should be thoroughly cleaned using OEM quality silicon based lubricant. After cleaning the rotary, it should be subjected to a high speed paint spraying process to guarantee an extremely high gloss finish. It is advisable that after spraying it is left to dry overnight. To eliminate moisture, a high speed blower is used to dry the surface of the rotary at approximately 100 rotations per minute.

High torque ratings are achieved with the use of high speed electric motors. A high speed electric motor is recommended for the best results when using direct drive rotary tables with the use of high torque. High torque allows it to rotate at high speeds with little effort. High torque also enables the blade to spin faster and thus enabling it to cut through surfaces with ease.

High Speed Blowing and Cutting capabilities – High speed blowers allow for complete cutting and/or blowing operations at very high speeds. Blowing operations are extremely precise and allow the user to perform a variety of tasks including dust removal. The cutting capabilities of these types of tables enable users to cut and shape almost any material with ease.

Durability and toughness are important when selecting a rotary tool. Many high precision models have been designed to withstand heavy use over many hours. Some models can be equipped with optional accessories, which provide users with additional functionality. All high torque electric power tools require an accurate installation process to ensure optimal performance and maximum life span.

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