The Benefits of Using a High Torque Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct drive rotary table is an ideal rotary table for continuous work and is often times more accurate and versatile than the traditional face-driven rotary table, or rack and pinion rotary desks. Direct drive desks have a great many advantages over older rotary table designs. These include a compact construction, which make them easier to assemble, and the ability to move them around without any loss of mechanical grip. There are many types of direct drive desks available including tilting, vertical, and fixed positions, with each having different features and uses.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

In addition to its smaller size and simpler construction, a direct drive rotary table has many other advantages. It is usually self contained, with its own power supply and motor, so it requires no external power source, making it extremely portable. Many are also designed with very high tolerance bearings and heavy duty, low friction motors that require very little maintenance and operate at high speeds. All this makes them highly reliable and very durable, even in high-impact work environments.

Some of the features of direct drive rotary tables that are of particular interest to CAD users or designers are their fast speed and high precision, as well as their ability to be used with standard computers. Because they use no counterbalance springs, there is no need for the operator to hold the machine while it is in use. This feature is especially useful for designing intricate parts. Since there is no motor to act as a counterweight, there is no need to add weight to the machine itself, or slow the speed down in order to counterbalance the machine. This is another reason why these machines are extremely portable.

Many types of Direct Drive Rotary Table include various features and accessories. A high-speed Direct Drive Rotary Table is ideal for designing intricate parts, such as gears, shafts, and other fastener parts. The high-speed design makes it possible to fasten all the necessary parts in just a few moments. Many are also available with indexed and non-indexing features, which allow for fast, accurate machining.

High precision is also important for designing large components. In addition to the fast speed and accuracy that these machines offer, many are available with non Indexing drives, which allow for a smooth performance during operation. Indexing and non-indexing drives are not compatible with the direct drive rotary table’s high speed operation. Some of the non-indexing types include non-super-coil bearings, and a variety of different gear sets. Another advantage to these types of rotary tables is that they do not need a lubricant for optimal performance. This feature allows these machines to run without unnecessary lubrication.

These high torque Direct Drive Rotary Tables is usually used by professional designers, engineers, and craftspersons in the industrial and engineering fields. Most of them come with an aluminum plate or frame that features either a high torque rating or high torque tolerance. These models use either Direct Drive or Ported Shaft Drives. It is important to ensure that your equipment is designed and manufactured by a reputable company that can provide you with high quality machines. High torque Direct Drive Rotary Table machines and their various accessories are perfect for designing intricate parts that require accuracy and speed.

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